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Measure Your Results, Then Retool…and Retool…and Retool Some More.

Measure Your Results, Then Retool…and Retool…and Retool Some More.

Many traditional marketing channels have a serious drawback: it’s difficult, or impossible, to actually measure their results.  How can you know that it was worth the money you spent on a larger Yellow Pages ad or on an ad in a local marketing magazine?  You can perhaps “sense” an uptick in business but you can never know for sure if your ad was noticed and read.

So when it’s time to renew your ad, how do you decide if you need to make changes to your ad or continue with the program at all?  Online marketing and social media marketing have opened up a whole new world of opportunities to try different approaches, measure the results, tweak the message, and try again!  All this in the space of days or weeks—not months or years.

All of the online media programs provide reports and statistics that will let you know exactly how you’re doing.  You will know how many people read your message, how long they spent on your page, how many times they visited your page, who they forwarded it to, whether they clicked on any of your links…and on and on.

This kind of immediate feedback to your marketing efforts lets you measure the response, revise the message or offer, and try again.  You will save time and increase results by doing more of what’s working and none of what isn’t.  Now there’s an offer the Yellow Pages sales rep can’t offer!


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