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12 Ways To Market In The Digital Age!

12 Ways To Market In The Digital Age!

Marketing concepts haven’t changed much over the years.  Human nature hasn’t changed much either.  But technology has made it a whole new ballgame…new equipment, new rules, and 24/7 broadcasting!
The tools available to you to market and promote your business (most of them FREE!) make it faster, cheaper, and more personal for you to communicate with your customers and prospects.  Plus, you get instantaneous feedback that let’s you know how you’re doing.


Here are 12 things you need to know…and know how to use to your advantage…to market your restaurant successfully in today’s technology-driven environment:


  1. Everyone is now a restaurant critic
  2. Search engines are your best marketing partner
  3. Your website (probably) sucks
  4. The Yellow Pages are dead
  5. Smart phones are the new Yellow Pages
  6. Email marketing is (still) king
  7. Direct mail is not dead
  8. Word-of-mouth advertising doesn’t just happen
  9. QR Codes: Best new marketing technology of the century!
  10. Event marketing: What constitutes an event?
  11. Even your Grandmother is on Facebook
  12. Measure your results, then retool…and retool…and retool some more

So follow the links above and join in the conversation!  Trade in your traditional marketing tactics—they’re expensive, difficult to manage, and don’t give you enough feedback.  You’re definitely going to want to play ball in this new league!


It’s fast—It’s effective—and It’s virtually FREE!


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