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Direct mail is not dead

Direct mail is not dead

With all the new technology-based marketing opportunities available to you, you might come to the conclusion that traditional channels like direct mail are no longer useful—dead and gone.  Absolutely not!

What is gone is the use of huge mailing campaigns that blanket a community or marketing areas with a mailing piece.

Not only have rising printing and postage costs made this cost-prohibitive, it has become one of the least effective ways to reach your customers and prospects.

But just like email marketing, direct mail done right can be a terrific part of your overall marketing plan.   Forget about sending a mailer (usually a coupon or other discount offer) to your whole marketing area!  The key to direct mail success is to TARGET and PERSONALIZE.

Targeting means describing your “ideal customer” and selecting your mailing list based on that criteria.  Think about a few of your best and most loyal customers.  Where do they live? How old are they?  What is their general income?  Are they single or families?  Sports enthusiasts?  All this can be used to select a mailing list that will reach just the people who have the potential to become repeat customers.

And digital printing makes it possible to personalize each mail piece—make it a one-of-a-kind communication to your best prospects.  Marketing studies have shown that a piece of mail is 65% more likely to be read if it contains the recipients name within the design.

You can also create even more specialized mailings that are sent to people—again, only those who fit the picture of your best customer—for their birthday or when they move into your community.  These smaller mailing programs are much less expensive to send and have the added appeal of being 50 to 80% more effective than “blanket mailings.”

Combine this type of direct mail with your email marketing, your social media and online presence, and your website and you’ll put your marketing plan into overdrive.  And here’s the best part: all this will probably cost you less than a couple of month of Yellow Pages advertising!


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