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What’s Your Mobile Strategy?  Don’t Get Left Behind!

What’s Your Mobile Strategy? Don’t Get Left Behind!

Recent stories from around the web highlighting that the time for creating your mobile strategy is now!

3 strategies for brands to create SMS campaigns – Mobile Marketer – Columns

Deepali Tamhane is director of product management for campaign applications at Responsys All signs in the market and among consumers say that mobile has finally arrived. Until now, marketers have remained cautious, limiting investment and experimenting with smaller campaigns to test the waters.
Mobile Marketing – Best Practices: Go Beyond the Campaign | Bronto Software

Submitted by Kane Russell on October 10, 2011 The definition of “mobile marketing campaign,” like many business terms, doubles as both obvious and unclear. Obvious in that companies will use mobile phones to market to consumers given the importance mobile phones occupy in consumers’ lives. What’s unclear is how to execute mobile marketing campaigns effectively.

Are You Riding The Mobile Marketing Wave To Increase Your Business?

Please feel free to give us a call In fact, a good name for text message marketing is “real-time marketing.’ Your customers receive your message or promotion instantly. Unlike other forms of advertising or even email, 90% of text messages get opened, and most get responded to within five minutes.
A new value proposition has emerged for mobile marketers. Many fast food chains like Dairy Queen and Qdoba use mobile text messages to offer specials and discounts to their customers. Since the mobile is a real-time device, often the coupons expire within a week from being sent out. However, a team of researchers finds that”s not where the story ends. Dr. Sy Banerjee and Dr. Amit Poddar join mobile marketers Scott Yancey and Danielle Mc Dowell to test groups of real customers and find that the i
“Text is king in the mobile space,” Geipel said, and backed up that assertion with statistics from the Pew Research Center”s Internet & American Life Project report “Americans and Text Message Marketing.” That report showed that texting was the most popular activity among cell phone owners, with 73% of those surveyed using their phone for texting, more than double the 31% who downloaded an app on their cell phones and the 29% who used their phones to access a social networking site, he said. Ov
All Roads Lead Through Mobile | Ad Age Stat – Advertising Age

As mobile becomes a key conduit through which people connect with each other and the world — from managing calendars, finances and social networks to navigating online, on the road and on the path to purchase — many are still treating it as ancillary to their marketing efforts.
Papa John”s exec: QR codes are best way to bridge digital to print – Mobile Commerce Daily – Sortware and technology

NEW YORK – A Papa John’s executive at the Mobile Shopping Fall conference said that QR codes are the best way to bridge digital to print, connecting consumers with interactive content within a static medium. During the “Case Study: Finding Your Edge In An Increasingly Competitive Mobile Environment” panel, the executive gave best practices for marketers looking to dip their toes in the mobile space.


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